Re: Increase Prascend???

Nancy C

Hi Karen

Had understood you had planned on retesting. Laid out a road map for you that could help you budget and plan for expenditures here:


Based on what you had told us it was #1 Retest to see if diagnosis portion is covered. #2 Go to the emergency diet as outlined in the message above. #3 Move to testing and balancing your hay as funds allow.

It is true that on average ACTH begins to come down in November. If his melanomas are increasing, I'd go up on the pergolide.

His lack of energy could also be diet related so working through that as suggested is important.

Sorry. I wish it were more simple. For me the hardest part was changing old horse keeping practices. Once I got over that, we made real progress.

Nancy C in NH
ECIR Moderator 2003


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I wish I was THAT GOOD, Karen! He may need only 1 mg. With his crest and
the melanomas, if he were here, I'd increase to 1.5 mg and retest in three

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