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Results from Cornell as follows:
Insulin 57.03
Leptin 6.34
A little background on him is that he is a 15 hand Walking Horse and I believe he is 19 years old. Like I said he is at this point retired and lives on a dirt lot so grass isn't an issue. His main symptoms are fat pads over the dock of the tail, over the eyes, cresty neck, muscle wasting over the hips, and poor coat quality. He is "ribby" and his hip bones protrude but has what most would call a small "hay belly".
Hi Katie,
The emergency diet is only a temporary, stop-gap measure to use until you can get a correct, balanced, safe diet in place. If you can start a good IR-safe diet now, no need to use the emergency one.
I would definitely remove the senior feed pronto, add vit E gelcaps and salt and soak the hay pending the analysis results. Starting the perg - don't forget to taper the dose up in 1/4mg increments - and adding exercise are great recommendations from the vet. Would plan to retest at least the ACTH after 3 weeks on the full 1mg dose to see if you are controlling adequately or not. We're on the downside of the seasonal rise now so little danger of it continuing to go up.
TWH are known as an IR-prone breed so an older, retired guy on sweet feed showing elevated insulin is no surprise. His visual symptoms are spot-on for a PPID/IR older gelding.

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