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Hi Marianne.

Personally if the procedures from Cornell (below) were not followed, I'd be having a conversation with my vet with concern over sample handling. Ask him to point you to the docs he's relying on.

I honestly can't remember her laminitis history. It's been recommended that horses who have had difficult fall and winter seasons need to be better controlled.

Review the Liphook graph in the files to see how she compares to their normal horses and review with your vet.

Go here

<ACTH Testing Information>

Look for

&#65532; PituitaryParsIntermediaDysfunction – Liphook on Diagnosing PPID Includes a graph showing Seasonal rise of ACTH and that ACTH testing can be used to diagnose during fall seasonal rise.

Here's the info from Cornell re: eACTH procedures

Endogenous ACTH Testing
1. Draw a single EDTA blood sample (lavender or purple-top tube). Mix blood and anti-coagulant by gently inverting
several times and chill immediately by placing in either an ice bath or a refrigerator. ACTH is very unstable in whole
blood samples. It is most affected by heat and time spent on cells.
2. Centrifuge and separate EDTA plasma from cells within 4 hours after collection and transfer to a vial (plastic preferred)
suitable for shipping and frozen storage.
3. Freeze plasma promptly especially if time before shipping to the laboratory will be 12 hours or more.
4. Sample should be received at least "cold or partially thawed" for accurate ACTH testing. Sending frozen plasma with
frozen cold packs using a two-day or overnight courier service will usually ensure the sample is received chilled. Note: Excitement, exercise, and/or severe illness can elevate ACTH concentrations.

If the sample was not handled correctly, she may be higher than 50.

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Apparently there are some new findings about the ACTH test: my vet told me that both the University in Utrecht and the Health Dept for Horses now say that it is no longer necessary to take special care getting the blood to the lab

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