Re: Need to Re-introduce APF doseage?

Lisa M. Koch

Hi Laura:

Everyone has a different reason for using APF Pro. I use it for Cushings/IR pony to keep her top line where it should be and her muscle tone in general. I tried stopping it for awhile and her physique went down hill within a short time. Some use it for the pergolide veil.

You can always purchase the product directly from (the creators of it) When I order from them, I receive it in two days. You can continue at the 10 ml when you start back up. There is nothing in the formula that will hurt your horse. It's your choice whether you want to start at a lower dose and work your way up or just go back to the dosage you had him on.

Many older horses thrive on this product. A friend of mine has a 31 year old Cushing's palomino on 10mls a day of APF Pro. She has seen such great improvement and strength in his hind end since she kept him on it. He never looked better. He had a problem of not being able to get back up after lying down.

Good luck. Hope this helps.

Lisa M. Koch, Ginger
Long Island, NY
Member 2003

Another question I need help on. I ran out of APF Pro. The tack shops were out of it and it took forever for them to get some in. I think it's been close to 3 weeks since P got his last dose of 10m

Also, is this something he really needs (my husband is asking this $$)

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