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I haven't spoken directly to the vet yet but can you tell me how to go about obtaining pergolide? Will I get it from the vet or a pharmacy?
Also, he isn't on a sweet feed but a pelleted senior feed. However, I'm going to start researching a feed change for him.
You will need a prescription from the vet for the pergolide. Some vets will want to provide the drug themselves while others will write you a script. From the vet is usually the most expensive route. There is both compounded and the patented product Prascend. The Prascend only comes in 1mg caplets while the compounded is available in any dose(except 1mg) and in any formulation - capsule, powder, liquid. We recommend the capsule form of the compounded as it is simple to administer, retains potency the longest of the compounded varieties and is the most cost efficient (liquid is the worst).
Two pharmacies that many on the list use are Pet Health Pharmacy in Younstown, AZ and Thriving Pets in Denver, CO. You can fax/call/snail mail the prescription to them.

The form of the senior feed is immaterial - senior feeds are NOT appropriate for an IR horse as they contain too much sugar/starch/fat. If you can get Triple Crown products in your area you can get the Ontario Dehy Balanced Timothy Cubes. These could be Jett's entire diet, with vit E gelcaps, salt and ground flax added. Or you could just replace the senior feed with them. Rinsed/soaked/rinsed beet pulp is also safe and has 1.5 times the caloric punch of hay. Most horses like it.

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