Re: Next steps adjusting pergolide: getting my vet on board

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Hi, Cass -

The goal in managing Cushings horses is to get the ACTH into the mid- or low-normal range, as well as control the symptoms. I think testing is absolutely ideal if you can afford to do it. She is still showing symptoms, so increasing the pergolide even without a test is reasonable. What about increasing (incrementally) to 2 mg, and then testing 3 weeks later?

The drinking/peeing should most definitely improve (usually within a few days of hitting the right dose, and almost certainly within 2 weeks of hitting the right dose); the pot-belly takes a bit more time, as there needs to be some muscle rebuilding; the hirsutism is variable, and some horses always have a bit of that.

Have a shufti around pubmed, and see if there is anything there:

Your vet is probably gobsmacked that someone wants to spend money!

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Don't we need a follow-up ACTH test to know if the dose is adequate to control ACTH? Is hirsutism ever going to improve if ACTH is within the above ranges? The water consumption? The pot belly? The appetite?

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Oct 2012

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