Re: Next steps adjusting pergolide: getting my vet on board


Aha! Thanks, Jaini. That sure helps. I thought I noticed initial improvement in the drinking and urinating, but there's been a definite backslide. It's not easy to monitor drinking and urination when the horse isn't stalled. I'll taper up the Prascend to 1½ or 2 and see what happens.

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Oct 2012

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She is still showing symptoms, so increasing the pergolide even without a test is reasonable. What about increasing (incrementally) to 2 mg, and then testing 3 weeks later?

The drinking/peeing should most definitely improve (usually within a few days of hitting the right dose, and almost certainly within 2 weeks of hitting the right dose); the pot-belly takes a bit more time, as there needs to be some muscle rebuilding; the hirsutism is variable, and some horses always have a bit of that.

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