A low starch feed but not low enough - OK/TX

Saucier Kathy

I came across a feed that I thought some of the OK/TX area folks might come
across and wonder about. I wrote Big V for more information so I would know
what to post for you.

We are putting my NON IR horse on it. It is NOT low enough for an IR horse
but might be useful to those with normal horses but you wish to watch what
you are feeding them as a precaution.

It is from Big V Feeds out of Oklahoma.

Feed is called Heritage L/S (low starch) Horse Pellet.

The starch level is maximum 10% so I wrote them to find out the NSC (most of
these places don't have ESC data).

Their NSC on this feed is 16.2-16.5%. Sounds like it is determined by what
each ingredient is thought to be and calculated for the final product not by
a testing OF the final product.

If you have horses like mine and you can use this feed, you can read more at
www.bigvfeeds.com & look under products.

Ingredients start out with soybean hulls, shredded beet pulp, wheat
middling, rice bran, distillers dried grains, dehydrated alfalfa meal, etc.

Kathy Saucier


2005 (no IR or C's horse currently)

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