Re: Found a vet that will prescribe compounded pergolide,..However....

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Hi Cynthia,

This may be good news or bad news. Please include Tucker's case history link so we can review his medical history/labs/clinical symptoms/etc.

IF Tucker is PPID, this is not the time to take him off pergolide.

Your vet may have minimal experience with PPID. Share the ECIR Horse website with him:

Education is the name of the game- for owner and vet.....

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I was relieved to find a new vet that will prescribe the compounded pergolide. However, he wants me to take Tucker off of the medication to see if his symptoms would come back. He feels that Tucker is too young to have Cushings and that since his first test was the BETS and his second test was ACTH and after being on pergolide, it wasn't a true test.

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