Re: Homer's got serious colic


He's gone. His pulse had risen to over 60 and his lactate was above normal, and he was in so much discomfort, so there wasn't a decision to be made. It was so peaceful, he's at peace now and hopefully eating as much grass and carrots as he wants. He wouldn't even eat grass and apple today. I knew this morning, even though his symptoms then were so mild, but we had to give him every chance - right to the end I begged him to get up and show us that he wanted to carry on.

He taught us so much. It's through Homer that I've learned what I have about laminitis, and because of him I've been able to help other horses with laminitis. He was only 18, his laminitis seemed well behind him, he gave Martin the best ride of his life only last Tuesday, he taught him to ride. We'll love him forever.

Thank you all for your kind thoughts, and thank you so much Dr Kellon for putting my mind at rest and making those last moments with him easier.

France Jan 2010

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