Re: Touch-me-nots

J Amick

wanted to see if there are descriptions of just how aversive touch is to an animal. How would one describe it to a vet? I notice Lad is even less happy about being petted than previously.

Bonnie Ivey, Ontario 12/08

Bonnie, describe it to your vet like this..... If you had sore muscles and I came and started a massage you probably would like to knock me into the middle of next week.... Hense your horse feels like this, only no way to do that.... I tell you this from having Fibromyalgia..... it hurts..... LOL.

Seriously tho' all my horses will stand for hours if I'm grooming etc. But when you have the "touch me nots" that's about the last thing he wanted, and only tolerated it for just so long. Nerve endings are raw..... Don't touch, it hurts......


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