Is R/S ok if no molasses BP?

Karin Sherbin <ksherbin@...>

After weeks of arguing with the BO, she appears to be doing R/S/R of the
beet pulp, which has no molasses in it. I noticed when I was able to be at
the farm at feeding time the second rinsing came out clear right away. Then
I read somewhere that if the BP has no molasses, the second rinsing isn't

Any thoughts? The BO would love to say "I told you so!" and drop the extra
task if it's unnecessary.

Also I read the BP files and just want to make sure I understand correctly:
if Goya needs 22 pounds of hay a day (2% of his body weight), then I can
substitute up to 9 pounds of BP a day (40% of daily need). But if that high
an amount of BP, I need to supplement with phosphorus, is that correct?

Karin & Goya

Virginia October 2012


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