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Mandy, thanks for the ideas. She is feeding him based on the diet from this group, ODBTCs and hay, not tested, and Ca Trace. Diet is tight, everything is weighed and he has lost weight, now about 950lbs. I think you are right about the pain influencing his ACTH but would it alone be responsible for a number over 400? He is clearly IR but isn't he too young to have Cushings? Could it be possible that something else is responsible for the high numbers? All his labs were horrible but apparently no evidence of an infection. I do know that when he came home she was feeding him very little because he was so overweight. perhaps that pushed his ACTH higher but again, that high? We are concerned he has something serious going on and am hoping to get a sense for other possibilities that might cause a very high ACTH besides Cushings. I know the lab work was done at Cornell and in accordance with the guidelines from the group. The scans of his head were performed by the premier equine center here and while they could see evidence of an injury of some sort they said it had healed and shouldn't be causing him any discomfort. However even after that he was still eating with his nose up and uncomfortable in a bridle. Its all odd. Any ideas would be welcome.

Vicki & Hedy for Bonnie & Biscuit
VA. 11/12

EquineCushings@..., "Mandy" <bittersweetfarm@...> wrote:

Hi Vicki,
I got your CH on Biscuit opened. (my computer) My take away from reading
what you've posted so far is ~ One possibility is
a kick to the head over feed could break a jaw. Pain can cause a high ACH

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