Travis Vet Visit - Genital Cancer?


The vet came yesterday morning, while cleaning his sheath, she noticed an area that was crusty and not coming off. The skin is very rough, almost scaly and swollen, and she thinks it could be cancerous.

She suggested cleaning his sheath again in April and if it looks like it's grown, then we'd talk about where to go from there. However, she's young and has only been out of school for a year.

I was looking for pics on the internet last night to see if I could find something close and after what I read, and descriptions from posts, I'm wondering if it might actually be human papillomavirus? It seems to be more common in horses with compromised immune systems.

I uploaded a pic and was hoping that someone here might have some experience?

Thanks for any input.

Wallene and Travis the horse in NC
Sept 2012

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