Re: Is R/S ok if no molasses BP?

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if Goya needs 22 pounds of hay a day (2% of his body weight), then I can substitute up to 9 pounds of BP a day (40% of daily need). But if that high an amount of BP, I need to supplement with phosphorus, is that correct?
Hi Karin,
The first rinse is to remove any UFO's and surface iron so it doesn't get soaked INTO the BP. The soak is to reduce sugars. The final rinse is to wash away the sugars that were suspended in the soak water and sticking to the surface of the BP. Sugar is coloress so the final rinse water should look clear. BO doesn't get to say "I told you so" :)

Technically, you can feed up to 40% of the total diet in BP. This is DRY weight, not after soaking, which becomes a ginormous amount of soaked BP. If feeding this much definitly need to add 1 tsp monosodium phospate per lb of BP to balance the major minerals. Most horses do not like the taste of phosphorus so that much could be a problem. Will need to balance the traces as well. Goya may not eat this amount of BP or may not be interested in enough hay to make up the rest of his needed food - you'll need to experiment.

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