safe starch vs untested grass hay

karen sremac <karenclarinet@...>

I am caring for a friend's arab and pony that live and eat together.
The pony has cushings and IR and has foundered mildly before.
The owner wrote out instructions to disolve prascend and mix with
a little Triple Crown Safe Starch Forage and then feed more forage
with sups before hay - which is untested.

The problem is, the pony will refuse to eat anything but the hay - period!
He is very picky, and skitish, etc. He has trained his owner - I am sure of
And... I don't have much time between the two barns and students
and Nutcracker performances, etc. I will be caring for them a long time.

Would it be ok to feed just the forage in the am, and not offer hay until
the pm feed? I think it would be better for the pony? I'm sure that if I
consistently offer only forage in the am, that the pony will eat it, and
his meds, etc.
I have dealt with him before! If that is ok, how much forage would replace
one flake
of grass hay?

Of course I will try to gently persuade the owner to buy tested hay - which
is available
nearby. I already brought it up in conversation, and told her about the
group, etc.

Many thanks,
Karen with Serrano, who is missing exercise because I'm too busy already!
in rainy California

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