Re: Hay test results... finally


Hi, Karen.
To know what to do about your hay, you need to know how high the nitrates are. That's why I suggested you call Equi-Analytical immediately to run the nitrate test.

To find the file I linked, search for the word "nitrate" in the ECIR Table of Contents in FILES on the EquineCushings Yahoo website. The second file result is "Nitrate Guidelines."

YMMV means "your mileage may vary." That's shorthand for "my experience may not be your experience because there are too many variables to discuss without more facts." You need facts first.

Karen, I'm with you on feeling overwhelmed by this mass of new information. Hang in there. We all build up understanding one step at a time. Who knew we'd need to know feed analysis?! Nancy said it best: life-long apprentice.

Cass for Satra
Sonoma County, Calif
Oct 2012

What do I do if it is indeed high in nitrates? Should it still be fed? Also, what does YMMV mean?

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