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I apologize in advance for not cutting more of the message but this is quite timely for me and I was hoping you could elaborate a bit more!

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Here's the procession as I know it, historically and from personal experience:

Most members started out with jiaoglulan.

Then added aakg if needed.

If still not seeing improvement some switch to Ginseng and aakg adn that worked successfully.

Others used APF and aakg.

Jherb, aakg, ginseng are all adaptogens.(I know you know that Teri.)
Nancy, am I understanding if your horse/pony is on Jherb and AAKG then do not include APF?

While I counted on the APF to successfully get me through any veil issues when introducing pergolide, it did not lower insulin nor add muscle as has been described by others. Same with ginseng. I have not been able to add aakg successfully for my IR guy but many others have. I do use it for my "normal" "navicular" horse. As I said, I use jherb.
Nancy, may I ask why you weren't able to successfully add AAKG for your IR guy? Taste, other reason(s)?

Kristie & Sashi
SW OH 2004

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