Re: Muscle or Weightloss? (or both?)


Hi there,

Funny you should ask - I was wanting to get an update posted this week actually. Diego is improving, and I am sooo thankful!

Miracle of all miracles - nearly a year after giving up on the ODTB Cubes (he wouldn't eat them), Diego has decided NOW that they're a perfectly acceptable food substance and pretty tasty!
I took him off all sups except what Dr. Kellon recommended, and although my current boarding situation doesn't accommodate enough feeding times per day to do 22lbs - I was able to get him up to 10lbs a day of the cubes.

So he's on: 10lbs cubes
Flax, salt, Vit E & TriAmino

I'm still waiting for the TriAmino to kick in - it's been about 2 weeks and his topline is still sad, even with daily in hand work and running/bucking/playing with his mare.
You can tell is edges are more 'rounded' though, and his ribs can only be seen when he bends his head around. I'd like alittle more fat near his tailhead (there's not much) but he's clearly improving. I plan to get a full body shot and post it later this week. Now that he HAS gained weight it's easier to tell what was muscle loss and what was weight loss. I keep photos to look back on if I ever have this problems again...

Angela & Diego (23yo PPID/IR)
Atlanta, GA 5/2011

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Hi Angela,

I was doing a search on "weight gain" and came across your post. How is Diego doing? I'm having the same problem w/Sashi.

Kristie & Sashi

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