Re: Muscle or Weightloss? (or both?)


Thanks so much for the update Angela! I've been without computers since I posted due to a virus that destroyed my computers.

I was just approved for ECHistory4 so I'm anxious to see what you kept Diego going with before the ODTBC. Sashi was on that diet and crashed the end of Oct. He made it through although the vet was here to euthanize. He saw her and decided "not today". the last week or so he's dropped a ton of weight and is refusing to eat anything but untested hay. I'm so bummed but he still has spark and waiting for a vet to call me back for an appt.

I've not tried the TriAmino. Sashi usually hates Ueckle products but I'll have to read up on it.


Kristie & Sashi
SW OH 2004

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