Scary weight loss


Sashi, after years of battling Cushings and seasonal laminitis, crashed in the worst way the end of Nov. I had the vet out on 12/4 to euthanize after he had been down for 2 weeks, developing small bedsores, in so much pain with no comfort provided by banamine daily for 2 weeks. Well, he saw the vet that night and got up. He stayed up until she & the farrier left. Of course he went back down and again on the 14th I was going to make the call the following Monday. He's been up (for the most part) ever since. He is now to the point I can get xrays (he hasn't had any since June)and we can draw a current ACTH, check teeth, etc. Up until the last bitter cold day or so he was very comfortable in his hooves and you'd never know I was about to send him on his way.

Bad news is for whatever reason he's dropped at least a 100# in the last couple weeks. Our weather took a horrid turn for the worse but he's got a super heavy blanket on, boots and pads, and his whinny warmers. His diet (except at rehab and the last week) has been a very strict ODTBC diet with appropriate supplements and his 4mg pergolide & JHerb. He won't touch 'em now. He won't touch anything really.

Of course I've played with fire trying to get him to eat and his foot soreness could kill him this time with what I've given him to get food in. On New Year's Day I ran to a friend's and got a bag of LS/LS pelleted grain and he's had about 10+ # of that. He was excited at first but has really no interest now. Won't touch the cubes wet, damp, soupy, will barely touch them dry. Heck no to beet pulp. Only thing he'll touch is untested hay. I'm sick about it.

I'm freaking out and need a caretaker's hug please and any suggestions to get him through until vet appt.

One MSU still questionable with testing?

Thanks so much,
Kristie & Sashi
SW OH 2004

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