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Worrying about Sashi & having a computer again I just came across this. You are such a godsend! Aloe juice is going to have to do for a couple days though.

Kristie & Sashi
SW OH 2004

--- In EquineCushings@..., "lonestarquarterh" wrote:
Here is what I did with my very ulcer-prone gelding:

Full course of GastroGard
Soaked grass hay *almost* free choice
No grain (he is IR, so no grain anyway!)
Ulcergard (3 doses over 3 days) when traveling, stressed, or given NSAIDs

That's it. After nearly five years of suffering from ulcers, once we knocked them out, they do not seem to have returned. I think the key for him has been keeping small amounts of hay moving through him as much as possible, to keep the acid from building up in an empty stomach.

Lisa in TX
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June 2010

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