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Sherry LaMarche

Sending you lots of hugs and prayers that you both make it through
this. I can't give you answers on MSU, just wanted you to know many
of us have been where you are, and can empathize with you.
Hang in there.

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Sashi, after years of battling Cushings and seasonal laminitis, crashed in
the worst way the end of Nov. I had the vet out on 12/4 to euthanize after
he had been down for 2 weeks, developing small bedsores, in so much pain
with no comfort provided by banamine daily for 2 weeks. Well, he saw the
vet that night and got up. He stayed up until she & the farrier left. Of
course he went back down and again on the 14th I was going to make the call
the following Monday. He's been up (for the most part) ever since. He is
now to the point I can get xrays (he hasn't had any since June)and we can
draw a current ACTH, check teeth, etc. Up until the last bitter cold day or
so he was very comfortable in his hooves and you'd never know I was about
to send him on his way.

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