Re: Scary weight loss


My apologies for not being clearer. He's been off Banamine since mid-Dec. Super cold (what has caused crashes for him in the past) hadn't arrived yet but he was prepared in that manner. He was blanketed & decked out with whinny-warmers. In fact, I lost 2 pair because the weather heated up past 50 and he was unable to get up so I had to cut them off him.

I believe the crash came when I had to improvise because my supplier of ODTBC left me high & dry. I was one of those people who thought just because a feed store carries TC the ODTBC wouldn't be an issue. I recently talked a man into carrying them because I'm committing to at least 1/2 pallet (20 bags) a month since it is the main part of all 6 of my equines' diet.

He's been back on JHerb since Dec. 15 at 2 tsp/2x day. Flax, salt, mag. ox, 2000 iu vit. e & APF.

I have been in discussions with Joan and we figured we'd try AAKG 2:1. I didn't want to shove that down his throat with an empty stomach though so I've held off ordering. I am getting ready to run to the health food store for the L-arginine and will start that!

I did just have an hour discussion w/my vet. We are going to start Ranitidine tomorrow. She doesn't want to pull his ACTH yet if he's stressed with ulcers/pain so that doesn't skew the results. We are doing a week of Ranitidine (I simply cannot afford a month of Gastrogard and she isn't keen on the compounded)and see if that gives him some improvement, take xrays on Friday 1/11 and then hopefully if he is eating some we'll do the ACTH and send it to Cornell rather than MSU. I will test for Lyme when I pull his ACTH.

Poor guy is hungry!

Kristie & Sashi
SW OH 2004

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