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Hi everyone, thanks all, I have taken note of your comments, and Nancy, that's what I thought. Because I was going to take him off Pergolide in April and retest, I have taken him off now instead.
He has had some effects (picking at his feeds and surprisingly, footiness) since the inadvertant spike in Pergolide dose when I substituted one x 1mg tablet for two 50 mcg tabs, (I thought, and my vet prescribed, these thinking they were half a 1mg tab) so I'm hoping his system will settle again and I'll get him tested again in a couple of weeks time to see if the ACTH has gone up.
Some of this episode in his story is on the EPSM group but thought I'd better move over here because I had questions about Pergolide.
I'm afraid his history is not updated but I have updated the synopsis so far. I will get round to updating his diet etc.
Chris/Matty UK 07/09

Can you remind us of Matty's history by posting the link to his case history?
Add it to your signature,so it is easily found,ok?

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