Re: So happy I found you!

merlin5clougher <janieclougher@...>

Hi, and welcome to the list! There will be more messages to follow, but first I would urge you to put together and upload a case history of your mare. This can be done over on EC History 6:

You have to join, but it only takes a moment. Follow the directions on the homepage to download the case history template; then fill it out and upload it into your own folder.

The more we know about your mare, the better able people are to post relevant information for you.

Sign your posts with your name, general location, and date of joining. Delete most of the post you are responding to.

Ask any and all questions.

And again - welcome!

Jaini (BVSc),Merlin,Maggie,Gypsy
EC mod/support

..I have a 23 y.o. Mare diagnosed with Cushing's shortly after purchase, in 2010. ....

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