Sunshine's recheck

judyspitzer <judyspitzer@...>

He went to the university for a recheck. Physical exam showed him to be of proper weight with decreased fatty deposits and decreased crest on neck. So everything is good! I am finally getting him and my other horse to eat the customized supplements with peanut butter. (both are on the same diet for convenience). I still have trouble wrapping my head around the fact that there will be no pasture for him in the future forever. We have 55 acres of beautiful pasture and a small muddy "dry" lot. I have been consistently riding him increasing his work which he has taken to fine. But, next week I have a shoulder replacement surgery and will not be able to ride for a minimum of 6 weeks, probably more. I hope he doesn't lose condition during this time as he is not out roaming the fields. We have plans for a big camping/riding season ahead. Thank you to everyone for the wonderful help and moral boosters along the way!

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