Bugs are gone? ECIR Table of Contents FIXED

tomtriv <ThePitchforkPrincess@...>

Hi Group,
It is my mission to help people quickly find the documents they seek in the files sections of the groups so I came up with a document that has links to folders. Sadly it has been hit and miss with getting it all working properly. Just wanted to let you know FINALLY, the bugs are out of the Table of Contents (TOC). (I hope!)

Please if anyone gets a chance, try it out


and see how it works for you. To avoid clogging up the messages, all feedback/suggestions/problems etc can be sent to me privately at ThePitchforkPrincess (at) gmail (dot) com.
Thanks to those of you who have been testing and helping with it.

- LeeAnne 03/04
Newmarket, Ont
ECIR Archivist

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