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Mary Horbianski

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Dear Group,

I recently joined the group with hopes of my mare making a recovery. We battled founder, colic, multiple respiratory infections, sweating, panting, weight loss and so on. I was soaking my hay, using the minerals, low starch pellets, etc...

On Friday, I lost my mare. She was very weak and was down in he stall, and had a temp of 104.6. I got her temp down to 102.3 but her coronet bands were bright pink so I felt like that was also a very bad sign.

We were able to successfully treat her founder in the past using Nitro Bid paste, Easy Ride (soft ride) boots and dealt with all the other symptoms... But we were not able to beat the disease.

We made the decision to put her down because she was so weak and I coudldn't watch her go on like that - she looked like a walking skeleton. My husband who was not out as much as I am couldn't believe I didn't put her down sooner... I saw some may miracles on this forum, I still had hope...

Anyway - now I have a box of pracend and it was fairly expensive for the whole box.

Would anyone be interested in buying what I have left perhaps at a discount? I hope this doesn't seem tacky but I thought if I can't use it maybe someone else can.

Many thanks to you all and I wish you all good luck with your horses.

Carol Maginn
Carol, so sorry to hear about you loss, I also lost my horse 1 wk ago, we do all we can and sometimes it just isn't enough, my thoughts and prayers are with you while you go through this greiving period,

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