Re: Heritage L/S Horse Pellets

Saucier Kathy

Hi Marylee. Thanks Kathy B. for finding my post from December. Below are
the exact words from the person I contacted at Big V. I'm using it for my
NON IR horse because he is an easy keeper and we don't want to take him down
a road to becoming IR. So I'm doing it as a precaution. But if he was IR,
I wouldn't touch this feed. They list starch on their label but that is not
what makes up the total when sugars are added to it. Also notice they
determine their NSC from what each ingredient averages. It sounds like they
do not test each batch of finished feed.

You might look for a Triple Crown dealer for the TC Lite. Triple Crown
dealers can also get the Ontario Dehy Timothy Balance cubes which have been
formulated for IR and approved by this group. This can be the whole diet

Kathy Saucier

Texas 2005

The NSC for Heritage L/S Feed is 16.20% to 16.50%. There is some variation
in the ingredients; however, it is formulated to a max. 16.50%.

As for the Ethanol Soluble Carbohydrate, I don't have good ingredient data
for it. It has been a little harder to find accurate ESC data on ingredients
because of the lack of request for it. I have not tested for the ESC on the
feed because you are the first person to ask for it. For most people, it is
learning what the NSC is and to understand what it is used for instead of
counting Calories (this is another term that is missed used). I you have any
more questions, I would be glad to try and answer.

Terry Hays

Big V Feeds Inc.

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