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Hey Carla,

When I sent in my hay I called and they told me I could do 601 it tests everything 603 does just cheaper and you get results faster. so that's what I did.

Brittany and Mikey
2012 WI

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Question 1: I am going to send a hay sample to Equi-Analytical; I ask for the 603 Trainer test, right?

Question 2: My pony gets, only the ODTB, so do I add the vitamin E, magnesium, salt, and flax in addition to the cubes...have been?

Question 3: She only just a 1/4 of a pill, I put it in her feed pan with her hay cubes, that have been mildly soaked, but I worry that she might push it out with her nose. Any suggestions, and how to "treat" it to her? I tried sticking it in a cube, but when she eats she pushes it with her nose first. Suggestions?

Carla and Cupcake
WI, Dec.12

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