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Hi, Brittany -

Your hay showed 7.4% ESC and 2.3% starch, for a total of 9.7%. *If* the result is off by 10% or more, that could push the actual ESC+starch to 10.7% or more; alternatively, your actual hay could be 10% lower, so the actual is 8.7%.

Clear as mud?

I do realize that 10.7% compared to 9.7% ESC+starch doesn't look like it should make any difference, but I can attest to the fact that my crew has done okay on 9.5% hay, but got footsore on 11% hay.

You could retest *just* the ESC + starch, with wet chemistry. No need to re-test the whole shebang. That way is much cheaper, then you can be more confident in the result. Next year, you can use the Trainer 603.

Gosh, that was a very long-winded way of saying: yes, retest, but only the ESC and starch.

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Should I be retesting?

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