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Hi Team
I hate to tell you the news, but Radar is in acute laminitic attack since Dec 15th. I was blaming the -40 c weather, warming his feet, legs, body and thinking it was reaction to cold, and also the dewormer. Little did I know the barn had given him a bale of hay that he isn't supposed to get - with higher NSCs than his great 8%er. FOUR weeks he ate this night and day! OMG. I noticed that even laminitic, he'd RUN to this hay, which clued me in. So the mixup sorted, back on his great mineral and NSC balanced diet. But I'm left with a horse back to almost founder and acute laminitis. My heart. We had gotten SO FAR this year. Full weight bearing, riding, cantering, no boots, tremendous health, pergolide and diet in balance and all.

We have increased his pergolide hoping this will help combat, a wee bit from 5 ml to 7.5 ml of 0.2 mg. We had been noticing his Cushing symptoms increasing December, cresty neck, fat deposits, laminitis, thirst. So we did that. We did emerg diet and increased mg. We are buting and booting. I have been so happy with our FUSION boots and homemade pads of various thicknesses over the year. HOWEVER I have been directed towards SOFT RIDE BOOTS to help Radar with this very acute attack. He cannot walk more than a few steps in boots even after two weeks of boots/bute. If I go ahead and buy these expensive boots, do you recommend I buy the purple / turq GEL pads, or just use the standard ones.

And ANY OTHER ADVICE would be welcomed. Also, is there a home for cushing horses near Calgary, Alberta ? Any dear heart out there wanting to help us house this most beautiful and worthy saddlebred, in his 20th year of life, while I continue rehabing. Looking for soft ground, people happy to control his diet, LOW STRESS environment for him and NO GRASS.

Radar, Cochrane
Nov 2011
Hi Kelsey,

My mare foundered in april 2012, severe rotation, could not walk. I ordered the Soft Ride Boots and it gave her instant relief and she could walk again. I love those boots and to this day she still wear them.
If interested you can call Debbie, she is very helpful.
Good Luck Kelsey

Marie Josee
Morin-Heights / Canada
Sept. 2012

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