Re: Lack of energy - now on minerals to balance hay etc

karen sremac <karenclarinet@...>

"...trim post..."

Sorry. Someone just got me an ipad... and no, I don't know how to do much
on it. Since I'm always on the run,
I thought I could try to use it to communicate . It stopped raining now,
and I'm confused if I should ride or not
anymore. I thought we were both a little out of shape and that we should
try to increase rides, but Serrano
just poops out. I guess I'll take him out today. Didn't get out last 2
days, and I won't have any time next 2 days after
today. After that I could go back to daily, or nearly daily, at minimum of
1/2 hour, if that is recommended.

Karen and Serrano
Sept 2012

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