exercise for IR when lethargic?

karen sremac <karenclarinet@...>

I am confused. Exercise is good for IR. IR causes lethargy. So should I
walk trot and canter
For an hour or so? Mostly walk? So confused and concerned I didn't ride
past 2 days. I have time Tomorrow but not sat nor Sunday. I am a musician
and work on weekends. After that I could go back to daily, or nearly daily,
at minimum
of 1/2 hour, if that is recommended?

Also confused about alfalfa -only a pound or two to get pills and walk
between feeders. The problem I understood with alfalfa was possibly
footsore which he is not, thank goodness. How else does it cause problems
in some IR horses? Are untested grass hay pellets better? I bought a bag to

Sorry. Someone just got me an ipad... and no, I don't know how to do much
on it. Since I'm always on the run,
I thought I could try to use it to communicate...
Karen and Serrano
Sept 2012
update is that he is now eating balancing minerals

Thank you so much !
Karen and Serrano sept 2012

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