Alfalfa stems bad?


Hello all,

I was wondering if alfalfa stems, stripped of the leaves, are also bad for IR horses? My gelding is IR and I put him in his "diet pen" for his meals, and then feed my hard-keeper mare in the big pasture. She gets some alfalfa along with the tested orchard grass that my gelding gets. Problem is that she is picky and will often times leave some of the alfalfa stems laying around - they make a small pile if I rake them up together. I let my gelding out after meals to join her in the pasture (dry lot) and have been trying to pick up all the stems before I let him out...but is it necessary? Seems like all the bad stuff might be in the leaves..? I'd sure love to not have to rake and pick up my mare's cast offs. :)

Jennifer & Shahtahr
Clovis, CA 2012

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