Re: exercise for IR when lethargic?

karen sremac <karenclarinet@...>

"...Our horses are like any other in that they need to be built up slowly.
There are more considerations for PPID/IR horses. Here's a link to a good
message Jaini did on this subject.>

Alfalfa raises insulin in some horses. Insulin is what you need to worry
about. Insulin attacks the feet...."

Thank you for this! That helps clarify things in my overwhelmed head. Will
try grass pellets instead of alfalfa
tonight, and see if he eats his pills...

Am I right that I have to retest ACTH again now? Or wait on that? Last test
Nov 19.
update is that he is now eating balancing minerals

Thank you so much !
Karen and Serrano sept 2012

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