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Eleanor Kellon, VMD

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I called and the lady told me there is no difference.
The AOAC, background here:

sets the internationally accepted standards for **validated** testing methods for forage testing. NIR is not an accepted method for sugar or starch:

The AOAC does give guidance information for NIR for minerals, but it is recognized the error may be as high as 17%.

Also note that NFTA certification (Dairy One's certifying body) does not include sugar or starch, by any method:


The bottom line take home message here is that when you need information on the validity of some statement, go to an independent source.

NIR determinations are estimates only, not measurements. They are not as accurate as direct measurement of sugar and starch. If the lady can prove differently, she needs to present the studies that show it or their data in detail. Your horse's welfare depends on it.

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