Results from the Emergency Diet

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Hi to all,
My mare has been on the Emergency Diet for 1 week (waiting for hay analysis from Equi-Analytical).
Before we started the Emergency Diet she was doing ok except at night she would have slightly warm hoofs and the pulse was more easily detectable. It bother me and I knew she wasn't stabilize.

It's been one week on the Emergency Diet and her feet are great. No heat at all, pulse is harder to find. And for the last week the weather here has been -4 degrees fahrenheit during the day....

My question : Is it possible that after only one week of been on the Emergency Diet, the result are already there and that is the reason why she is much better?

Im so HAPPY...Equi-Analytical told me I should have the result by next wednesday and hopefully someone from the group can help me to balance Cashmere diet.

Thank you so much for precious advises

Marie Josee
Morin-Heights / Canada
Sept. 2012

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