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Mary Horbianski

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I read your case history on Cashmere. What are the units of the Insulin
(285)? Was it pmol or uiU/L???

If Cashmere was in my barn I would start soaking that hay so she can eat
more hay and get fewer calories. You have to find a way to soak it. Take
a bale home with you and use your back yard or driveway but you need to get
the calories (sugar) down! Then she can eat more and feel full. Eventually
she will ~ I know ~ I have a Haflinger in my barn now that is just now
leaving hay in her nets! I also double bag it, hang it high and let the
bottom swing which goes against my principal of cruelty!!! I t makes my
mare furious! So she's either giving up in frustration (doubt it!) or
lost interest in the work!!!

The way I see it you have two choices ~ feed her ODTB cubes or soak her hay.

How far is your home from the barn? Is there a public place/park that you
can use a couple of storage containers and pleanty of poly hay nets to
soak/drain the hay and then deliver to the barn? Storage containers (18
gallon size) have so many uses! Put the hay in a net- put it in the
container - fill with water - soak one hour - pour off water - put netted
wet hay back in empty container - deliver to the barn.

Let us know when your hay analysis is back. In the meantime - give her
Vitamin E 2000 iu's a day, loose iodized table salt - 2oz a day, freshly
ground flax seed 2 oz a day and magnesium, 3 grams a day. You can
rinse/soak/rinse plain shredded beet pulp till the water runs clear and use
that as a carrier. You can do this in your kitchen or bathroom. HOT water
works best and fastest. She can eat lots of this stuff - up to 30% of her
DIET. You can flavor it with teas or aloe vera juice to entice her to eat!
Its safe and about 5% s/s. Start thinking of ways to accomplish this! The
beet pulp is excellent for cold weather because it gets warm water in her.
You can prepare pounds of it and freeze it so you just grab a bag out of the
freezer , load it up with the correct minerals and deliver to the barn!

Hang in there.
Mandy in VA
EC Primary Response
OCT 2003
what are ODTB cubes?

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