Mineral Balancing - Scarlet and Little Red (2nd Posting)



I joined in November 2012 and am posting for the first time.

My two 10-year-old BLM-adopted Mustang mares (Scarlet and Little Red) were visually diagnosed as insulin resistant late last summer/fall, when Scarlet experienced an episode of laminitis.

I have adopted a modified Emergency diet - not soaking hay but using small mesh hay nets. The horses have 24/7 access to pasture, but after a two-week spell of snow cover ceased grazing. I am using a small amount of Nutrena Empower Balance as a mineral carrier. (R/S/R beet pulp did not work given limited facilities and the need to keep things simple for backup when I am traveling.) I have removed red salt blocks. The fat pads over Scarlet's eyes have diminished, and they both seem to be less hungry. Weight is only slightly lower.

I would appreciate help with the following:

1. Balancing minerals in hay and water. I think that our unfiltered well water is high in iron.

2. Confirmation (or correction) that I do not need to soak hay.

3. Scarlet has a fairly reactive personality that seems to have calmed a little on the Emergency diet. Does this indicate a recovery from oxidative stress, and if so, is there anything else that I should be doing for this?

4. We did not do blood tests when the vet was here in the fall due to the seasonal riseā€¦ and in fact, drawing blood may not be possible due to the horses' fear of veterinarians and needles. If I am able to have blood drawn, what tests are recommended?

I have posted case histories, hay analysis and (limited) water analysis on ECH6.

Thank you for your help. (and my apologies if I have broken protocol by posting twice - I think that my first posting went into Yahoo limbo.)

Diane, Scarlet and Little Red
Upstate NY
Nov 2012

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