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Hi All,

I am very new here so apologise in advance if I am doing this incorrectly!!!

I will upload a case history as soon as possible but will give some background information here first!

My 22/23 year old Irish Sport Horse Jenny has recently been diagnosed (bloods confirmed 2 weeks ago) with Cushings.
Up until rencently she was in a loan home (due to my financial constraints) and when I went to visit in early November noticed a number of things which led me to believe she was beginning to show symptoms of Cushings.
As such I now have her in a local Stables boarding.

She is over weight with a compromised immune system (WBC 2.4 (should be between 7-9) and platelets at 58 (170-190 range) These results are from her initial bloods I had carried out in NOvember which produced a FALSE NEGATIVE in relation to her cushings.
I did however immediately put her on a low starch low sugar soaked hay diet as i felt sure this was a false result.
SHe is currently on Dengie HiFI LITE and Baileys Lo-CAL Balancer twice daily as a feed and soaked hay. She is turned out daily in the sand ring with HI FI LITE to nibble on.

She has suffered with a bad foot abscess in November (at the time the bloods were taken) but she was fully sound until last week again when she lamed again having been shod 2 days before.

Does anybody know if these feeds are ok for her??! I read the Emergency Diet file but I am concerned about giving her Beetpulp as in my head as she is so overweight (left out to grass with no restriction in loan home......)it may not be suitable for her??

She has lost weight- but still has a significant belly which i know is also a symptom of cushings also......I do hand walk her in the arena a few times a week but as she is lame again it is difficult for me to help her lose weight whilst being recurrently lame! Vet has said this is not a laminitic situation. I feel it may be a recurring abscess and we are in works to get this out via both Vet and Master farrier.

She is also quite stiff the poor old lady and I would like to commence her on a joint supplement to help her be more comfortable and have found one available with no glucosamine
Your opinion would be much appreciated in this as I am reading so much information in relation to conflicting information about what is safe and not safe for her I have confused myself!!!
The vet has commenced her on a herbal alternative for the cushings called ACTH & Quercus Robur I have found limited clinical research in relation to this but did find this particular paper with results:

She has now been on this diet since November and the ACTH & Quercus Robur for 2.5 weeks.

Could anyone please steer me in the correct direction in relation to what I should be supplementing her with? Vitamin E Magnesium Oxide Flax etc? Should I move her to the Emergency Diet components? Can I give her a supplement for her joints as linked above??

Please help as a newbie I am literally drowning in a sea of information!!

your help would be hugely appreciated.

Sarah & Jenny
Diagnosed January 2013

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