Re: NIR vs. Wet Chemistry Hay Tests: Was 3 questions (hay analysis

Lorna <briars@...>

Thanks for this,Sally.
Saving money is especially important when we are caring for horses who have so many needs.But obviously we have to pay attention to the details,so that our savings don't end up hurting the ones we are trying to help.

Good for you for double checking those numbers.

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My hay grower travels to find low sugar grass hay every year. He sends the samples to Equi-analytical, and for the sake of economy and fast results he has always used #601 (equi-tech) which uses NIR for sugars and starch. He was very happy to find some nice looking hay that tested 1.1% ESC and .2% starch. I didn't think that looked right, so I asked him to have the lab retest the sample using wet chemistry. The results with wet chemistry came back as 6.6% ESC and .3% starch. That's over 5% difference in ESC.

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