Re: Mineral Balancing - Scarlet and Little Red (2nd Posting)

Mandy Woods

Hi Diane,
Welcome to the group. The list philosophy is DDT/E.

DIAGNOSIS is by bloodwork. To confirm Cushings aka PPID, you would need an eACTH test. Cushings is controlled by the drug pergolide. To confirm IR ~ you need Insulin/Glucose/Leptin on a NON fasting horse with the samples sent to Cornell. You will know how severely IR the girls are. IR is managed by DIET.

DIET is low sugar/starch forage with minerals balanced to its assay. The minerals for this Diet can be purchased at Walmart or any drugstore. Get Vitamin E natural and feed her 2000ius a day. Get the gel cap that has soy oil in it. It’s a very low amount. This vitamin is excellent for oxidative stress. Then add magnesium, Freshly ground flax and loose iodized table salt. The recipe is in the Start Here file. Pull her off pasture no matter how deep the snow is. Horses paw the snow away to get to the tasty sweet roots. You don’t know how much or little sugar she gets that could make her foot sore That can be a critical factor. We've had horses turn around in days. You can double the smhn's to really slow her eating down thus reducing the chance of an insulin spike. Feed at least 4 meals a day. Yes, your water could be high iron. Send a sample to I’m pretty sure they test water too.

TRIM is a balanced foot with toes backed from the top and heels lowered. Boots/pads if foot sore.
EXERCISE is a great way to reduce IR. Let the mares tell you what they can handle. Handwalking is great - long straight lines - sweeping curves so you don’t put any pressure on the walls. No pivoting. Never force a laminitic horse to move. They'll tell you what they can handle.

Diane, IF you ordered the Trainer at EA # 603 you don’t need to soak your hay. If you paid for any other test (601) I would do it over. There could be a big difference in the results.

I would blood test both mares for IR but you can manage that by DIET balancing!

There is a file with a list of ladies that help with balancing. I cant think of the name right now but maybe one of them will email you.

Thank you for being so up to date with your signature and testing! IT is appreciated!

Mandy in VA
EC Primary Response
OCT 2003

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