Re: fat pads ?

Saucier Kathy


Here is an album on our group website of my horse's orbital fat pads and
swollen sheath. I have more photos of the eyes if you want me to send them
to you. Don't think I loaded the best one on this album as the angle is
kind of close. The others show a more normal angle of viewing the horse.

Album title is Kathy & Magic.

If you want to see other personal photos, PM me. I don't want to load more
on this site as I don't know there is space. Or I can send them to one of
the gurus here to post where appropriate. I didn't have fat pads elsewhere,
just over the eyes plus the swollen sheath.

After getting the eye pads resolved mostly by removing grain from his diet
and before we got the rest of the diet tighter, they didn't return. But we
used his sheath as a barometer when he got fed something he shouldn't have.
That and excessive peeing.

He was IR & C's 2004-2008 when he was put down.

Hope that helps some more.

Kathy Saucier



(Magic who was IR & C's and no longer with me, and Grayson who isn't either
of those but has EPM, frequent colics and requires joint injections twice a
year - I traded one set of learning opportunities for another)

Side note - my vet at the time had no idea what was up with his eyes or
sheath. He also only did the Dex suppression test & didn't differentiate IR
from C's. Now he understands IR and is on board with the ACTH test! It
pays to help guide your vet along and share knowledge from this group.

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