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Is 5-6 degree rotation dismal? What am I to do? Sorry for sounding desperate. It's because I am. Please advise....

Christian, with Lili, Caspio, Destrier
Western Mass,
Hi Christian,

Your vet needs to relax a bite...My mare has a 10 and 11 degree rotation and when it all started back in may 2012 my vet too wanted to put shoes on Cashmere but I refused and instead the proper trim was done and I ordered myself a pair of "Soft Ride Boots" and it saved her. To this day when she goes outside she still wears her boots. I understand how you feel, I was panic too and was reading on the internet that an 11 degree rotation was a death sentence...Well I can tell you that my farrier came last night and was very pleased with her feet, just lower the heel and back up the toe and said you can barely see that she foundered.
Hang in there, I believe you can save your horse and you are at the best place right now with this group.
Good Luck
Marie Josee, Cashmere and Misty
M-H / Canada
Sept. 2012

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