Re: liquid Cypro and expiration date?


Carla, Only know from being a nurse and with expiration dates on "Human
Meds" -- for sure they do not lose their "power" before the exp. date. In
fact, many of the meds that are "outdated" or "have expired" (somehow I hate
speaking of anything or anyone in those terms, a nurse thing too, I am sure)
can be safely used for quite a long time after that date. Yeah, that is a
"well kept secret." So I would say, "NO, it wouldn't be because you are
nearing the exp. date." and "YES, that's my FINAL ANSWER."

Anyone else have any pros or cons with the liquid? I know it is cheaper, I
know it is easier, my question is -- is it doing as good a job? I am not
sure about that myself! Kay, who just wishes she knew more about this stuff

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