Flaxseed - Vitamin E and Colic

mjlegault <mjlegault@...>

Hi to all,
I have one mare Haflinger who is IR and my other mare Warmblood who is not IR but easy keeper and while I was waiting for my hay testing/balance minerals I put both horses on the Emergency diet. My IR horse is doing great but my other mare colic pretty bad last Thursday. She had to be intubated and it took her a while to get better. There was even talk about possible surgery...
I've had her for 7 years and she never colic and never had any medical problem. She is 11 yrs, 16 hands, weight around 1250 and I give her 22 pounds of hay and thats it.

I doubt it, but I had to ask : Is there any chance see could have colic because of the flaxseed or the capsule from the vitamin E???

The only thing I change is that they use to be on Better Than Brewers Yeast by Herbs for Horses and I stop maybe 2 to 3 weeks ago.

Marie Josee
M-H / Canada
Sept 2012

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