Re: Variations in JHerb?


AmeriHerb denies it is anything but JHerb and that it comes in variations of color. I already knew that. I've seen it in different color variations but it has always smelled the same no matter what the color. This smells NOTHING like JHerb. And the color is a lt. tan/orangish pinkish color. I'd guess this is marshmallow but may be wrong about that. That's what it smells like to me anyway. It has a batch #, they checked the # and verified it was JHerb batch BUT refuse to admit there could have been a label mix-up. They do not check bags, apparently there is no possible way a mistake could have happened on their end when it was bagged. I'd bet the farm it isn't JHerb. I ordered some from Joan!

Kristie & Sashi

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