Re: Variations in JHerb?


Thank you so much for this info! I received my from Ian @ Thriving Pets so it's a worry that the shipment was not just to him. I've also bought from both Joan and herbalcom/ameriHerb before in addition to ordering it from Ian 2-3 previous times due to the convenience when I order Pergolide! I've even bought jars of capsules at the health food store in a bind and it has all smelled the same no matter the source until now.

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Just got some from herbalcom/ameriHerb of the same batch and it smells NOTHING like my J-Herb from mybesthorse. It's yellow and smells sweet whereas the mybesthorse J-Herb is greenish and smells grassy/minty. Have been trying to call AmeriHerb but their line is busy...and busy.

Thanks for the heads-up!
Alice & Justin
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